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I Believe: The Nicene Creed

I Believe: The Nicene Creed Description:

The Nicene Creed first drafted in A D under the auspices of the Roman emperor Constantine is the most widely accepted statement of Christian beliefs used by Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholic Anglican Lutheran Calvinist and other churches all over the world Pauline Baynes the much loved illustrator of C S Lewis s Chronicles of Narnia here transforms this creed into a joyous hymn to God Her breathtaking images of the sun moon and stars creatures great and small mythical beasts death and resurrection judgment and everlasting life are based on a lifetime s passion for Anglo Saxon and Persian manuscripts She brings these images together here in a spirited affirmation of faith that will delight and inspire readers everywhere

Rating: 3.78 out of 5

Questionable Creatures: A Bestiary

Questionable Creatures: A Bestiary Description:

Bestiaries are the most gloriously entertaining books to have come from the Middle Ages Written and illuminated by monks they describe every creature thought to exist in the medieval world and include all manner of fish fowl and mythological beast however far fetched br br Pauline Baynes whose original line illustrations for J R R Tolkien s i The Lord of the Rings i and C S Lewis s i The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe i are known to millions has revived twenty medieval and mischievous beasts basing her tongue in cheek descriptions on various English bestiaries Her delightful recreations of these fabulous beasts from phoenix to manticore from bonnacon to yale hop swoop and gallop through the pages in antique splendor and will charm today s readers as readily as they astounded audiences centuries ago

Rating: 3.63 out of 5

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light Description:

Taking as her text the King James Version of the Bible distinguished artist Pauline Baynes gives splendid life to the story of creation in Let There Be Light Brilliantly imagined paintings interpret the seven days of creation described in the Book of Genesis This book is one that will be treasured by the entire family Full color illustrations

Rating: 3.80 out of 5

The Song Of The Three Holy Children

The Song Of The Three Holy Children Description:

Apocryphal insertions to the Book of Daniel in which Shadrach Meshach and Abednego who have been cast into a fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar call upon the angels all things in nature and people to praise the Lord

Rating: 3.35 out of 5

Thanks Be to God: Prayers from Around the World

Thanks Be to God: Prayers from Around the World Description:

An illustrated collection of prayers from England Japan India and other nations

Rating: 3.70 out of 5

Good King Wenceslas

Good King Wenceslas Description:

Beautifully illustrated in rich glowing colours this is the exciting story behind the well known carol of Good King Wenceslas The words and music of the carol are also included

Rating: 3.43 out of 5

How Dog Began

How Dog Began Description:

Prehistoric cave dwellers take in a wild canine and turn him into the world s first tame dog

Rating: 3.62 out of 5

The Elephant's Ball

The Elephant's Ball Description:

After learning that the creatures of the air have had a grand celebration Elephant not to be outdone decides to throw an even more glorious ball for the animals of the land What follows is a story of food festivities and fantasy lions marching in flowing robes monkeys making music and dogs dancing the night away Bright whimsical artwork from beloved children s book illustrator Pauline Baynes will make readers want to join the party Framed by an introduction and a glossary this playful nineteenth century story in verse will transport readers to another era of storytelling A perfect read aloud for all ages

Rating: 3.27 out of 5

The Magical Land of Narnia (Puzzle Book)

The Magical Land of Narnia (Puzzle Book) Description:

For ages

Rating: 3.47 out of 5

Noah and the Ark

Noah and the Ark Description:

A retelling of how Noah asked two of each kind of anmial to board his huge boat on which they survived the great flood which covered the earth

Rating: 3.55 out of 5