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Ophelia Speaks: Adolescent Girls Write About Their Search for Self

Ophelia Speaks: Adolescent Girls Write About Their Search for Self Description:

b The Barnes amp Noble Review b br When Sara Shandler was she read psychologist Mary Pipher s a href http cart barnesandnoble com booksearch isbninquiry asp isbn rel nofollow i Reviving Ophelia i a Horror stories of eating disorders self mutilation abusive relationships floated across the page Shandler writes of Pipher s book on adolescent girls Pipher equated our contemporary adolescent experiences to Shakespeare s ill fated Ophelia Shandler identified with the emotional experiences described in the book However she explains I did not feel simply spoken to I felt spoken for p br br With courage and unselfconscious audacity Shandler decided to speak for herself She had her friends write reflections on subjects such as eating disorders sex drugs and child abuse and scored a book deal With the help of her publisher HarperPerennial Shandler sent queries for firsthand adolescent accounts to high school principals across the country asking them to enlist the help of English teachers parents associations school psychologists etc This letter appears as Appendix A in the book Not too shabby for a kid who only recently started getting serious about studying and drinking lots of coffee p p br br i Ophelia Speaks Adolescent Girls Write About Their Search for Self i is the result of Sara Shandler s crusade Her goal was to bring real voice to i Reviving Ophelia i She succeeds The voices are raw and young and jarring sometimes adult like sometimes childlike and more often both like Shandler s voice p p br br Shandler introduces each chapter Intoxication Rape and Sexual Abuse Questions of Faith Diverse Sexualities Mothers Feminist Pride etc with personal anecdotes of her own Through these introductions it becomes clear that Shandler is like any modern American teenager She has experimented lightly with drugs had sex at an early age one month shy of is mildly infatuated with her weight and was at one point pretty depressed as in the thought of suicide once crossed her mind Pretty run of the mill teen stuff Somehow it is surprising that nothing worse ever happened to Shandler It seems too simple that her only motivation to complete this project was to help other teens feel less alone Then again maybe it is too simple to think that all books of this kind must be written by damaged teens or once damaged teens p p br br By definition Shandler s carefully selected contributions are young words for young ears But they are also an intense reminder for older ears When all you have lived is years thinking once of suicide feels like the biggest thing ever This is not to belittle Shandler s impressive compilation or her honesty She is very very honest In a chapter entitled Broken Hearted Independence she explains how she got through the tragedy of breaking up with her first love W ith our separation I forced myself to face the dependence that left me alone and broken with our breakup That confrontation was frightening I was not brave in the usual sense I cried often and hard But instead of lonely isolation I read and wrote and thought and thought I buried myself in Virginia Woolf and Alice Walker Margaret Atwood and Maya Angelou Sylvia Plath and Toni Morrison and I wondered why women I had never met knew me so well With these women I was not so alone anymore p p br br Each entry in this book is this bare this open Which is why i Ophelia Speaks i works as a book for teens by teens but also as a tool for parents who want to know or remind themselves of what lies just around the corner i Alexandra Zissu i p

Rating: 3.47 out of 5

Ophelia's Mom: Women Speak Out About Loving and Letting Go of Their Adolescent Daughters

Ophelia's Mom: Women Speak Out About Loving and Letting Go of Their Adolescent Daughters Description:

Ophelia s Mom Speaks At Last br br Why do I hurt so much when she pulls away What did I do wrong Are we ever going to be friends again Why is she friends with that sleaze and dating that fungus I know I m supposed to let her go but I don t know how and I m terrified From the mother of the author of the br bestselling Ophelia Speaks this is the first book in which mothers of adolescent girls speak out about how the changes in their daughters lives are prompting cataclysms in their own br br Reviving Ophelia and b Ophelia Speaks b explored the painful challenges faced by teen girls But where s the support for the mothers of those teen girls In b Ophelia s Mom b Nina Shandler Ed D gives the mothers the chance to speak out about feelings and uncertainties too often considered taboo br br Culled from written submissions and interviews with hundreds of women from all walks of life and from every part of the country the concerns voiced in these pages reflect the universal experience of mothers facing one set of life changes while their daughters are facing another With humor pathos insight rage sadness joy and ultimately optimism these mothers talk candidly about rejection and separation feminism versus Girl Power love and sex friends school drugs and alcohol divorce menstruation and menopause the mother daughter bond and much more br br As these mothers reveal how this life passage has reshaped them as well as their children you ll realize that you re not crazy and you re certainly not alone in your frustration confusion and exhilaration over raising an adolescent daughter

Rating: 3.25 out of 5